Research Affiliation Procedure

The CSC has linkages with individuals who, with their own research projects on the Cordillera and independent research funding, wish to make CSC their research base while doing their research in the Philippines. These individuals are called Research Affiliates.  However, to stress that the linkage is between the affiliate’s institution and the CSC, the application for affiliation should be noted and approved by the adviser/head of institution.

Affiliation Procedure

  1. The prospective affiliate shall write the Director at least one quarter before the start of expected date of affiliation.  A curriculum vitae, a copy of the research proposal and a general work plan shall be enclosed;
  2. The CSC Director will recommend to the VCAA (or the CSC Board, in special/exceptional cases, e.g., an applicant with no institutional base) for consideration;
  3. Upon approval of the VCAA (CSC Board, for special cases) the Director shall write the applicant regarding the terms and conditions of affiliation as well as a written conforme to the stated terms and conditions; the Terms of Reference should be signed by the affiliate and adviser/head of institution.
  4. Upon receipt of the written conforme, the Director shall write a letter of endorsement to the Chancellor and prepare the applicant’s basic paper.
  5. The Chancellor’s Office shall issue a temporary appointment to the affiliate containing the duration of stay and other relevant conditions.
  6. The affiliate shall pay an affiliation fee as approved by the CSC Board.  
  7. The affiliate shall inform the Director of any changes in the work plan.
  8. Affiliation may be terminated if it jeopardizes or does harm to the University.

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