KTRC Database is now online!

Following the successful launch of the Knowledge and Training Resource Center (KTRC) on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management on 11 July 2013, its online catalogue of online and printed resources is now accessible to the public.

The KTRC database features three main tabs. The first tab is the Disaster Risk Reduction-KTRC (DRR-KTRC) Resource Materials tab. This tab is home to a list of all books, magazines and other materials present in the KTRC’s library, located at the Third Floor of UP Baguio’s College of Social Sciences/Cordillera Studies Center Complex. It also features a search bar where one can quickly access information using keywords, titles, author name and year of publication. Every book has been catalogued with a call number consistent with the Library of Congress Classification System, to help the user find his or her required resources. 

KTRC resources include books, magazines, etc. mostly on climate change and/or disaster risk reduction and mitigation as well as a few titles on sustainable development, environmental politics and other related social issues that have come about as effects of climate change. The DRR-KTRC tab also has web links to documents (in PDF file) available on the Internet. The KTRC database also offers direct access to a fair number of downloadable articles on climate change and disaster risk reduction. 

The second tab provides access to PDF resources that were graciously provided by three organizations: The Heinrich Boell Foundation, The United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and The World Bank. The articles and e-books donated by these organizations are available to the public simply by clicking on the corresponding sub-tabs. These PDF resources may be viewed through a web browser or may be downloaded into a computer or USB flash drive. 

Finally, the third tab contains media on climate change and disaster risk reduction. This tab contains YouTube videos on climate change and its effects on the Indigenous People of the Cordillera Region. These videos feature documentary interviews from Cordillera elders and women, among others, done in the local languages with corresponding English. 

The KTRC will continue to expand its collection of books, physical resources, electronic materials and videos, in keeping with its goal of providing service to the Cordillera Region. We hope that the knowledge contained here may be of use to academics, local government units and to concerned citizens of the region. 

Thank you for supporting the Knowledge and Training Resource Center!

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