Obligation of Affiliates

  1. Provide the CSC library copies of research materials and research reports;
  2. Provide the CSC copies of progress reports submitted to their funding or base institutions;
  3. May be requested to contribute to on-going institutional researches;
  4. Deliver at least one lecture per project;
  5. Acknowledge the CSC for assistance in all publications arising from the affiliation.

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CSC Research Fellowships/Grants

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Nature of the Program and Objectives

The CSC provides research grants in the form of CSC Research Fellowships and Research Grants to faculty members/scholars.  These Fellowships and Grants are intended to support individual research projects.  They constitute a significant effort to encourage faculty research by making available additional funds for the faculty of the University of the Philippines Baguio. 

Research projects may be undertaken on any of the research thrusts of the University: The research projects may be disciplinal or interdisciplinary in nature. There are two slots available for research fellowships and two slots for Research Grants.  The CSC Research Fellowships and Research Grants are presently financed from General Funds annually.

Eligibility/Who May Apply

Permanent and temporary faculty members (including faculty members on sabbatical leave) with track record in research, i.e., faculty who has done and completed researches in the past, may apply for the Research Fellowship.  Permanent and temporary faculty members with potential for conducting research may apply for the Research Grant. Research fellows/grantees must have fulfilled obligations, i.e., no pending liabilities on past research relating to previous Professorial Chairs and Research Grants given by or through the University.  

Conditions of the Fellowship

Prospective applicants should note the following:

  1. Amount of the Award:
    • Research Fellowship –_________ subject to applicable tax.
    • Research Grant – _________ subject to applicable tax.
  2. Release of Funds:
    • 60% upon approval of research fellowship/grant
    • 40% upon completion and acceptance of output
  3. Award Period: 
    • The fellowship/grant is for one academic year beginning on 1 June and ending on 31 May of the following year. 
  4. Expected Output: 
    • The Fellow/Grantee is expected to produce a written output that is acceptable to an external referee.
  5. Termination of Appointment: 
    • The fellowship/grant is terminated if: a) the faculty member resigns from the University before the end of his/her basic appointment; or b) the faculty member’s appointment is terminated.  

Application Procedure

  1. Five copies of a full-blown detailed proposal shall be submitted to the CSC Board through the Dean. Proposal format should clearly indicate the following: research problem, review of literature, objectives, significance of the study, proposed methodology, and timetable of activities and output. The following documents shall accompany the proposal: application form and updated CV that includes a list of past and on-going researches.  Applications must also disclose whether the project has other funding support.
  2. The Department Chair and College Dean note and forward the application to the CSC Board through the CSC Director.
  3. The first deliberation shall be done by the CSC Board to discuss the proposals, to seek clarifications, where needed and to short-list, if there are many applications.
  4. The proponent shall be notified to provide the response to clarifications.
  5. The second deliberation shall be done by the CSC Board for final selection and recommendation to the Office of the Chancellor. The CSC Board may move recommendations around, e.g., if it feels that an application for a Research Fellowship merits only a Research Grant.
  6. The Chancellor shall make the final decision in consultation with the Academic Personnel and Fellowship Committee.

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Research Affiliation

The CSC has a research affiliation program for foreign or local scholars who wish to make the Center their base while doing research in the Philippines.

Research affiliates enjoy the following privileges:

  • Use of library facilities and materials and access to relevant research publications of UP Baguio faculty members and the CSC
  • Use of facilities such as telephone, fax machine, computer, printer, and photocopying machine (for a fee)
  • Referral to local government units, non-governmental organizations, and resource persons whose work or expertise may be relevant to the conduct of the affiliate’s research
  • Use of the CSC as mailing address for the duration of affiliation
  • Assistance in personnel recruitment (when requested)
  • Provision of workspace and shelves at the CSC office (subject to the availability of space)

Research Affiliation Procedure

Obligation of Affiliates

Current and Past Research Affiliates of the Center

Research Affiliation Procedure

The CSC has linkages with individuals who, with their own research projects on the Cordillera and independent research funding, wish to make CSC their research base while doing their research in the Philippines. These individuals are called Research Affiliates.  However, to stress that the linkage is between the affiliate’s institution and the CSC, the application for affiliation should be noted and approved by the adviser/head of institution.

Affiliation Procedure

  1. The prospective affiliate shall write the Director at least one quarter before the start of expected date of affiliation.  A curriculum vitae, a copy of the research proposal and a general work plan shall be enclosed;
  2. The CSC Director will recommend to the VCAA (or the CSC Board, in special/exceptional cases, e.g., an applicant with no institutional base) for consideration;
  3. Upon approval of the VCAA (CSC Board, for special cases) the Director shall write the applicant regarding the terms and conditions of affiliation as well as a written conforme to the stated terms and conditions; the Terms of Reference should be signed by the affiliate and adviser/head of institution.
  4. Upon receipt of the written conforme, the Director shall write a letter of endorsement to the Chancellor and prepare the applicant’s basic paper.
  5. The Chancellor’s Office shall issue a temporary appointment to the affiliate containing the duration of stay and other relevant conditions.
  6. The affiliate shall pay an affiliation fee as approved by the CSC Board.  
  7. The affiliate shall inform the Director of any changes in the work plan.
  8. Affiliation may be terminated if it jeopardizes or does harm to the University.

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